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31 MAY 2014 —

New book chapter out! Turnbull, D. and Connell, M. (April 2014). Curating Digital Public Art. Book chapter in Interactive Experience in the Digital Age. (Eds) Linda Candy and Sam Ferguson. Springer Publications, UK: 2014. p. 221-241.

01 JUN 2011 —

The press release for my newest project Urban Realities & Augmented Play is available here...have a peek and come along to the launch next Thursday 9th June @ 6pm :D

01 JUN 2011 —

Happy to announce that genart_sys | a window on digital culture was included in VIVID Sydney's Digital Sydney clip! Thanks Spinifex!

21 SEP 2010 —

Guess what?! RealTime Arts Mag covered Bloodbath via In the Loop - take a look at Blood, Sweat, and Art.

New Media Curation (NMC) is a move towards understanding the curation of technological artworks. From action/response works supported by floorpads, to laser or image recognition installations, to generative and augmented works, NMC can assist you in facilitating, administering, and actualizing your exhibition both nationally and internationally.

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PhD Candidate at UNSW Art & Design

NMC Director Deborah Turnbull Tillman is examining the curatorial process as a practice-based researcher with the Creative Robotics Lab at the National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW Art & Design. Her research focuses on investigating whether or not the audience can have an authentic experience of interactive art, and if so, what that might mean for the mediums of digital interactive art and the audience's engagement relating to interactive art. She would like to work towards creating criteria, possibly a language for curating digital interactive art.

Her supervisor is Dr. Mari Velonaki and her co-supervisor is Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck.

Deborah's full-time research is supported by an Australia Post-Graduate Award from 2014-17, courtesy of the Australian Government .


by Deborah Turnbull on 07 OCT 2015

Robots and Culture, an interview with Matthew Connell

A Transcript for On Curating: Robots as Culture  | Powerhouse Museum, MAAS, 11 September 2015 | 10:00-11:04am

DTT: We are talking today about robotics and its influence on our culture for the IEEE publication contribution we’ve been offered through Springer…can you please state your role and where you work?